California Politics


Lecture Notes

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TH 9/24 Course Introduction 
TU 9/29 Initiatives and Referendums
TH 10/1 The Recall
TU 10/6 Professionalizing the California Legislature
TH 10/8 Term Limits and the Legislature
TU   10/13 Bargaining with Governors
TH   10/15 Elections in California
TU   10/20 New Rules of the Campaign Game
TH   10/22 Guest Lecture
TU   10/27 Immigration
TH   10/29 Political Incorporation of Minority Groups
TU 11/3 Midterm Exam
TH 11/5 Battle of Los Angeles I
TU 11/10 Battle of Los Angeles II
TH 11/12 Wedge Issues and Initiatives
TU 11/17 Moving on up to Sac
TH 11/19 Crime and Punishment I The System
Tu   11/24 Crime and Punishment II Race and Crime
TU 12/1 Layers of California Government
TU 12/3 Water and Environment